November 6, 2015

Citroën: always in the hearts of the French!

Citroën still has a huge place in people's hearts, with the DS and 2CV

Do you know which cars the French love the most from the past 70 years?

According to a recent RTL Auto Plus survey, the French are very attached to the great classics from the double-chevron brand. So it’s no surprise that the legendary Citroën DS and much-loved 2CV took the first two spots on the podium.

With each model getting 37% of the votes, finding the winner between these two cars came down to decimal points. A very “presidential” car, the DS evokes the prestige of office. As for the 2CV, for many French people, it conjures up a spirit of freedom and memories of their first car trips with friends. The French have lots of good reasons to love Citroën. And Citroën has over 60 million good reasons to thank them by continuing to embrace the spirit of simplicity that has been there since the very beginning.

Over 95 years of boldness and creativity have made Citroën the most collected car brand in the world. Everyone in France has a story to tell about Citroën!