Cactus M

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Cactus M

One year on from the market launch of the C4 Cactus, Citroën is adopting an even more optimistic outlook with the Cactus M concept, a crossover with go-anywhere styling, inspired by the legendary 1968 Citroën Méhari.

Following in the tracks of its elder sibling, the Cactus M is a crossover for outdoor activities. It is a vehicle with the surfing spirit, made for hot sand dunes, large waves and evenings round a camp fire. Its distinctive design is ideal for water sports: waterproof seating, an open cabin that can be hosed out, wooden parts inherited from the first surfboards and wheels with Hawaiian patterns.

Free your mind

No more restrictions, no more hunting for grains of sand or towels to avoid getting the seats wet. Just jump on board, even if you’re still in your swimming gear! Break free of convention, strike off the beaten path and take the road to adventure. Freestyle!

Juste Feel Good

To take the experience further, the Cactus M turns into a bivouac  for two:  just tilt the rear seat back and unfold the soft top, which becomes a tent. Spend the night under the stars… This is the spirit of the Cactus M, the shortest getaway route. Uncompromising freedom.