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Véhicules Citroën adaptés: taxi, auto-école...


Specially adapted vehicles

Your car is a key asset to your business and here at Citroën, we understand your requirements and operational needs. Our specially adapted vehicles are tailor-made for your business needs. Whether you run a driving school or a taxi business, we have you covered.


The best of Citroën for learning to drive

At Citroën we want learners to have a great first time experience on the road, which is why we pride our driving school cars on their comfort and safety.

We have selected the best of our range with features particularly well suited to students, as well as catering to the needs of instructors:

• Comfort and high driving position

• Manoeuvrability

• Optimised visibility

• Variable power-assisted steering

• Flexible adjustment of the steering wheel and the driver's seat...

Citroën's driving school cars have been specially adapted to the needs of first time drivers, ensuring that their experience is pleasant and enjoyable.

The driving school range is a ready-to-use solution which complies with the regulations for driving instruction.