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Gamme électrique Citroën


Choose responsible mobility with an electric Citroën vehicle.

Small city cars, sedans, minivans or utility vehicles, Citroën offers a wide range of vehicles in 100% electric version.

Discover the many advantages of the electric car:

. Smooth and silent driving, torque instantly available, no CO2 emissions, unlimited circulation during pollution peaks, fast charging...

. A real concentrate of technology adapted to most uses to meet the challenges of tomorrow today.


The use of an electric vehicle allows you to make savings on a daily basis:

● The cost of using an electric vehicle (excluding energy) is approximately 30% less expensive than a combustion vehicle (including extended warranty, periodic maintenance and wearing parts), maintenance is simplified and workshop visits are less frequent.


● For individuals:

● Ecological bonus,

● No Malus,

● The possibility of accessing a Conversion allowance,

● Additional regional aid, in particular free or reduced vehicle registration,

● The insurance of an electric vehicle can be up to 10% cheaper than that of an equivalent combustion vehicle.

● Parking for a 100% electric vehicle is free in some cities and at preferential rates in others.

● The T Telepeage company offers a reduced rate via a subscription.


AMI meets your new mobility needs for short trips and environmental concerns.

It offers 2 seats, is 100% electric, ultra-compact and customizable. It is accessible to all, without a driving licence, with ultra-competitive offers, for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year. You can buy it online and have it delivered to your home.


Ë-C4 Electric allows you to drive in all-electric mode on a daily basis, perfectly isolated from the road and the outside world, in complete peace and quiet, as if in a cocoon: all external stimuli are filtered out. The silence of operation, the fluidity of the vehicle's movement, the driving pleasure, the smoothness of the suspension, the softness of the Advanced Comfort seats, the absence of vibrations on board, the ergonomics and ease of use of the dedicated interfaces and services, all contribute to reinforcing the comfort on board, for all occupants.


Ë-Berlingo Electric is a family vehicle with modular living space and outstanding storage capacity.

With ë-Berlingo Electric , all active and environmentally conscious people, whatever their age, will find the ideal practical and versatile partner to enjoy all their leisure activities with even more peace of mind.


Ë-SpaceTourer Electric is just as comfortable in the city as it is on the road, transporting your family or your clients. It offers the same modularity, interior space, loading capacity and driving aids as the internal combustion version.

Ë-SpaceTourer is available in 3 lengths and allows you to drive without restriction in the increasingly frequent low emission zones.