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Citroën C5 Aircross hybride rechargeable et C5 Aircross


A benchmark in terms of comfort, space and versatility, C5 Aircross has now been given a makeover to express greater strength and refinement. It is available in hybrid, plug-in hybrid, petrol and diesel versions.



With this new hybrid engine, take advantage of this new electrified alternative which allows you to benefit from the comfort of purely electric driving, save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions, while controlling its cost.

C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 can drive in electric mode in town, on the road with gentle stress or during maneuvers.

Suitable for most daily journeys, C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid offers fluid and dynamic driving with 2 differentiated offers:

. a 180 EAT 8 plug-in hybrid offer with a combined power of 180 hp and a combined torque of 360 Nm

. 180 hp of power with the combustion engine and 81.2 kW (110 hp) with the electric motor for a combined power of 225 hp and a combined torque of 360 Nm;

. 3 driving modes: Electric, Hybrid and Sport ;

. A driving range of up to 64 km, a quiet driving with 0 g/km of CO2 emissions up to 135 km/h.

  • The makeover of C5 Aircross is accompanied by a move upmarket, illustrated by new design features, such as the front end, the light signature on the rear, the alloy wheels, colours and materials, a 10" touchscreen, the centre console, etc.
  • Offering unrivalled on-board relaxation, it provides safety and driver-assistance technologies, as well as Citroën connectivity solutions.


A more prestigious personality

C5 Aircross adopts a more assertive and dynamic style. It has evolved to boast a more imposing style and greater elegance on the road. Its passenger compartment features refined colours and materials which enhance the space and increase comfort.


The most comfortable and versatile SUV

C5 Aircross stands out due to its on-board space, its versatility and level of comfort unrivalled in the compact SUV segment. It benefits from the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program, based on the brand’s expertise and driven by its innovations.

Citroën Care

Latest generation technology

C5 Aircross offers the latest-generation driver-assistance and connectivity technologies. These transform your journeys into a positive and reassuring experience. The plug-in hybrid version of C5 Aircross offers you enhanced peace of mind.


Designed with emblematic colours, special materials and hi-tech equipment to provide unique comfort and style, the “C-Series” special edition combines every aspect of the Citroën spirit.

C5 Aircross C-Series is available in plug-in hybrid, petrol and diesel versions.


C5 Aircross provides a wide range of options, as it is available in the ë-Series either in its top-of-the-range Hybrid Plug-In 225 version, or in a more accessible Hybrid Plug-In 180 and new hybrid version

Distinctive exterior design

this edition plays on contrast and distinction by combining the elegance of pearl white with black graphic elements on the lower and upper parts, such as the two-tone black Perla Nera roof.

A soothing interior atmosphere

the interior promotes calm and serenity by adopting a brand-new light harmony and seats covered with a new-generation Alcantara® which, in addition to providing softness and support, offers the satisfaction of being made from 68% recycled material.

On-board technologies

Based on the top-of-the-range Shine level, the C5 Aircross ë-Series also offers Highway Driver Assist


Plug-in Hybrid, petrol or diesel

This innovative and brand-new hybrid technology combines a new-generation 136 hp (100 kW) PureTech petrol engine, a new electrified dual-clutch gearbox, ë-DCS6, with a 21 kW electric motor, and a 48V battery that recharges automatically during some driving phases

In Plug-in Hybrid version, C5 Aircross offers optimal performance thanks to the electric motor which boosts the heat engine, for a cumulative power of 225 hp and a cumulative torque of 360 Nm.

For more accessibility, a new offer is available : 180 hp ë-EAT 8 for a cumulative torque of 360 Nm.

C5 Aircross offers the pleasure of 100% electric driving while allowing access to all city-centre restricted traffic areas.

Meanwhile, the petrol engine takes over for longer journeys.

In the petrol and diesel versions, C5 Aircross is equipped with efficient and high-performance latest-generation Euro 6 engines:

. Petrol PureTech 130 S&S BVM6 or EAT8;

. Diesel BlueHDi 130 S&S BVM6 or EAT8.