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For more than 100 years, Citroën has been committed to offering you the very best in automotive know-how. Our passionate network experts offer services for all your needs, with parts and labour included. The brand also provides an offering tailored to the spare parts used in the Citroën network to maintain your vehicle.


Tailored service plans

Because Citroën's network experts know vehicles inside out, rest assured that yours is in good hands in the brand's workshops. Take advantage of a service programme at the best price, and ensure real driving safety. Depending on the age of your car, Citroën experts offer plans tailored to your needs.

Citroën Original plans

Citroën Origin plans include original Citroën parts. In addition to guaranteeing you peace of mind and a smooth experience during your car's service, the brand ensures the parts fitted provide a similar quality, reliability and longevity to those present when your car left the factory. Get an all-inclusive offer including labour and original parts with a 1-year warranty.

Citroën Advantage plans

If your car is more than three years old, you might be looking for a lower-cost servicing option. Take advantage of the Citroën Advantage plans. Using multi-brand parts selected and verified by Citroën engineers for cars 3 years and older, they are a more budget-friendly option. Note that Eurorepar parts come with a 2-year warranty, which applies to the entire network of authorised Citroën garages.


Spare wheel is an accessory

The spare wheel is now available as an accessory. To equip yourself with a spare wheel, Citroën offers you the Spare Wheel Package, an all-inclusive price for parts and labour.

On some vehicles, such as New Citroën C3, you have to choose the Prepositioning option when you buy your vehicle to be able to equip yourself with a spare wheel.


Which wheels to choose after a puncture ?

Tire technology is constantly innovating and providing solutions to put an end to the inconvenience of punctures. There are now tires equipped with RUNFLAT and SEALANT technologies that provide safety and practicality to drivers.

For more information please ask your point of sale.