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Citroën Ami One Concept


Since 1919, Citroën’s history has reflected its ability to move with the times by creating non-conformist and revolutionary vehicles that have gone on to become icons. At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Citroën is unveiling its approach to urban mobility, which it intends to be accessible to everyone.


Citroën Ami One Concept is Citroën’s take on freedom in the city: #LibertyElectriCityMobility! It combines all the advantages of 100% electric technology with a bold and colourful design and complete ease of use. It also scores top marks on comfort and practicality.

Following in the footsteps of 2 CV, Ami One Concept is adaptable to all types of uses “à la carte”, from car sharing to rental. Ami One Concept preaches freedom of movement for all and has the potential to become an urban and popular icon.


Ami One Concept boasts a cube-shaped body and compact dimensions (2.50 m long, 1.50 m wide and 1.50 m high), which demonstrates its robustness, agility and outstanding manoeuvrability. Made for the city, it is also features protection on each of corner of the body. Markers of style, these Airbump® integrate specific coloured Out Of the Blue.


Ami One Concept is a contemporary object with an expressive front end that is embellished by an elegant Y-shaped light signature inspired by the CXperience Concept. The Daytime Running Lights and indicators show a touch of finesse with their floating structure. The Vivid Orange body paint and the 2D logo on the centre of the lacquered black surface invigorate the vehicle’s gaze.


Ami One Concept has everything it takes to become ‘popular’ in the city. An urban mobility vehicle boasting design, intelligence and economy, which increases new possibilities through its symmetrical parts. These include identical doors on both the right and left, resulting in different opening directions, which are hinged on the driver’s side for easier access and on the passenger side for greater safety. There are identical bumpers, identical wings set diagonally against the buffers on both front and rear; identical rocker panels on the right and left; reversible Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and rear lights on the left and right. Each part of the vehicle body is robust, easy to assemble and of high quality.


Another distinctive feature of the urban mobility vehicle is its open-top design. The opening Anthracite Grey canvas roof lets light in and is easy to use. Sliding and folding with a single movement, the hood is closed using a blue strap and a push button


With this new and unique urban mobility vehicle, the brand is aiming to make individual mobility available to in the city. Ami One Concept is for urban customers with or without a driver’s licence who share the love of the brand with the same love for freedom of movement


Ami One Concept is 100% electric and charges easily in two hours. It reaches a top speed of 30mph without emitting CO2 and has a range of 60 miles making it perfect for urban journeys.


Silent, Ami One Concept is also safe in the environment as it is equipped with its own sound signature, developed by Start-Rec agency with the designers of Citroën. The sounds emitted by Ami One Concept reflect all its personality. The sound theme is analogue, worlds away from the digital cliché of the ‘robot’. The sound identity also complies with European regulation introduced on 1 January 2019. For reasons of safety, all electric vehicles must now be equipped with an artificial sound at low speeds to warn pedestrians of their approach



Ami One Concept is a 100% connected urban mobility vehicle meaning the smartphone is central to the interface, which makes driving easy and peaceful. Customers access Ami One Concept using their smartphones. The doors lock and unlock via a QR code on the aluminium base of the door handles. Once inside, drivers place their phone in front of them in the Wireless Charging area, the interaction between Ami One Concept and the driver may begin. Once inside, drivers place their phone in front of them in the designated wireless charging area and the dialogue between Ami One Concept and the driver begins. The information from the phone is displayed in the driver’s field of vision as with a head-up display system. Drivers can then access their personal apps and a range of services via their smartphone. Ami One Concept has two buttons on the steering wheel: a voice command for calling the assistant and a drop-down app menu



Ami One Concept takes things further by proposing new approaches to car ownership. Citroën is making its customers’ lives easier in terms of mobility access by offering, several car sharing or rental options along with a selection of corresponding services (including charging and parking) via the dedciated app. The aim is to fulfil all of the customer’s travel needs by addressing all the ways in which they use mobility (occasionally or regularly, with family or friends, individual or shared.

The car sharing and rental options can be customised to each person’s mobility requirements and address their need for five minutes, five hours or five days of use, as well as use over longer periods of time with rental offers for five months or long-term leasing arrangements for five years


The cabin is spacious and capitalises on functionality. The driver’s seat (on rails), and the passenger seat (fixed), are positioned asymmetrically to allow for greater space and ease of movement. The storage spaces are ingeniously designed to make maximum use if of every corner of the cabin.


The Citroën Style teams have created an original storage space on the passenger side for housing a cabin bag and a handbag. At the rear, a platform accessed via the folding driver’s seat can be used for occasional luggage and is equipped with a Safety Box with a fluorescent jacket and warning triangle.


We have a range of merchandise available, which encapsulates the same design principles of Ami One Concept


# RUN: a wind-breaker developed in partnership with the French brand Back To Alaska

# LISTEN: a 5W Bluetooth portable speaker

# DRIVE: a key ring with the same shape and material as the door handle

# PLUG: a charging cable compatible with iOS and Android

# CARE: a silicone smartphone case developed in partnership with the Bone brand

# CHARGE: an origami solar miniature created in partnership with the French company Litogami

# PLAY: a metal 1:43 scale collectible miniature