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Forfait climatisation Citroën


Enjoy a comfortable temperature in both summer and winter inside your car thanks to the air conditioning . Get an annual review of your air conditioning system for an interior free of germs and bad smells. Your air conditioning system is reversible and also performs defogging for optimal visibility.


Citroën workshops offer an all-inclusive price to keep you at an ideal temperature. The experts:

• perform 8 specific checks on the air conditioning system,

• replace the compressor oil,

• perform visual checks*,

• treat and clean the passenger compartment (if required)





• No matter the temperature, remember to run your air conditioning for at least 10 minutes every fortnight to extend its lifespan.

• Get the condition of your air conditioning assessed and change the passenger compartment filter each year.


• It is also recommended to use a cabin sanitizer to eliminate germs and bad smells.


• If your windows are slow to defog, have the passenger compartment filter checked.

• If cooling is irregular or too slow, have an air conditioning assessment carried out.

•There may be a small gas leak that may cause a malfunction in the thermal loop.

• If the system is noisy, the compressor may be faulty, so have its belt checked.

• Finally, if the cold air is not properly distributed, have the blower checked as it may be faulty.