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Histoire des véhicules utilitaires professionnel Citroën


Citroën has been constantly developing and looking at ways to improve commerical vehicles for 100 years. With innovative and creative technology, manufacturing revolutions and clever designs, discover a collection of some of the most famous Citroën commercial vehicles.



C4 VAN (1931)
With innovative features such as an all-steel bodywork, a 9 litre radiator and suspension with 4 semi-elliptical leaf springs, C4 Van was a utility vehicle ahead of its time. Extremely versatile with no less than 17 versions available, ranging from a dropside to a panel van and having a payload of up to 1200kg, there was a C4 Van perfect for any owner. 
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The years 1921-1931 were renouned for a taste of the exotic, scientific discovery and mecanisation across many fields. The different models of autochenilles meant it could face the challenges met at the start of the 20th century. 
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TUB/TUC (1939)
An inspiration for the legendary H-Van, the Citroën Tub was the pioneer of the front-wheel drive van. The Tubs career was cut short due to the second world war but brought new innovations to the van market including a sliding side door, standing room in the loading area and an advanced cabin. 
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Type H

With an iconic style, charismatic good looks and a practical design, it's no surprise Citroën Type H was a renowned success for decades. Citroën Type H was the first mass-produced front wheel drive van and adopted many features from its Tub predecessor including sliding side doors, room to stand in the load area and an advanced cabin.

Still inspiring today, modern vans unsurprisingly take design cues from it and many have been converted into trendy food trucks.


With a career spanning 34 years and 121,902 copies manufactured, Citroën Type 23 was a popular, reliable vehicle which revolutionised the commercial vehicle market thanks to its incredible 1500KG payload.

From 1941 the Type 21 was available with Hydraulic brakes, a new innovation at the time, and a Bus version was launched in 1947 which was highly popular and used by the Citroën Transport Company. This vehicle also goes down in history as the last vehicle manufactured and presented during André Citroën's lifetime.

FROM 1951 TO 1996

2CV MINI-VAN (1951)

Livening up 3 decades with over 1.2 million copies produced and various by-products, 2CV Mini-van quickly reached the cult car status, meeting the demands of all.

This practical, robust and economical van was also the first delivery van with front-wheel drive, a 2 cylinder air cooled engine and simple, light technical solutions.


Succeding the 2CV AK400, the Citroën Acadiane had a front end of Dyane connected to a AK400 load space with a raised roofline. This improved the vans aerodynamics and fuel consumption.

Citroën Acadiane was a real success with over 250,000 cars manufactured up until 1987 when it was replaced by the C15.

C15 (1984)

With over 1 million versions manufactured and a production length spanning over 2 decades, Citroën C15 became the pioneer of a new generation of delivery vans.

The payload of up to 765kg was superior in its segment and the volume capacity, size and price made it perfect for many businesses.



The first generation Berlingo Van defined the light-van segment by focusing on design and comfort. Offering an integrated load volume, a first for delivery vans, and creating a new sector in the car market with the Berlingo Multispace, the first vehicle in the Leisure Activity Segment.


The second generation of Berlingo followed in the footsteps of the first, bringing new ideas and innovations to the market. The second generation Berlingo could hold 2 euro pallets in the back and was the first mini van to offer 3 adjustable front seats, proving its versatility and adaptability to meet professionals needs.


Citroën Berlingo Van has continued into its 3rd generation, introducing many new features and setting a new standard in terms of style, equipment and modular practicality. Available with 20 driver assistance systems and 4 connected technologies, Berlingo Van offers a safe and calm drive.